Unlocking the Force of Unity and Creativity: A Gathering of Creative Minds 

A call for “Equality and Diversity” through Public Awareness Campaign unites creative brilliance in virtual showcase

In a resounding display of solidarity and creativity, The LinQ Foundation’s “Together for Equality and Diversity” Public Awareness Campaign thrived in the virtual realm. Held on November 10, 2023, via Zoom, this exceptional campaign became a beacon of hope, uniting creative minds from Myanmar and Thailand. 

The primary goal was clear: to stimulate a society rooted in equality, justice, and the celebration of individual uniqueness and diversity. Mr. Pongthorn Chanlearn, Chairperson of The LinQ Foundation’s Board of Directors, expressed heartfelt gratitude to the creative minds involved. He highlighted the transformative power of narratives in the journey toward understanding and acceptance. 

Twenty-six filmmakers and content creators shared inspirational stories, with eight standout videos earning nominations. The esteemed jury, including LGBTQI advocate Nada Chaiyajit, Queer Photographer Ri, award-winning Documentary maker Zex, and Jeannie Marie Hallacy, Director of InSIGHT OUT!, conducted thorough assessments. 

My Name is Walkie Talkie,” directed by Khit Shay Nyo, claimed the prestigious First Prize, while “Beats of Resilience,” directed by Hein Aung, produced by Peace Strings, secured the Second Prize and won the People’s Choice Award on YouTube. “Pee in Peace,” directed by Moe Zon, earned the Third Prize. 

Khit Shay Nyo expressed gratitude, emphasizing the real-life roots of Walkie Talkie‘s story and the commitment to incorporating jury feedback for future creations. The campaign’s heartbeat echoes a powerful message: the unassailable right of every individual to love and live freely. 

Foundational to a thriving society are values of respect, acceptance, and diversity. LGBTQ+ individuals, integral threads in our community, deserve celebration and acceptance for their unique contributions. The LinQ Foundation envisions expanding the campaign’s reach and impact, advocating for LGBTQ+ rights. 

As the “Together for Equality and Diversity” Public Awareness Campaign unfolds, join us in witnessing the transformative power of unity, creativity, and advocacy. The LinQ Foundation remains committed to fostering a society that embraces inclusivity, diversity, and acceptance for all. 🌟💜 

PSA playlist:  https://youtu.be/LZzbhNZLI5Q?feature=shared

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