Media and Communications

Media and Communications

The LinQ Foundation recognizes the importance of promoting an inclusive society where SOGIESC rights are respected and upheld. To achieve this, our Media and Communications Program raise awareness and promote acceptance and inclusivity toward SOGIESC individuals through different media platforms.   

Our target audiences include both LGBTQ and the general public. Through our communications and media work, we aim to increase awareness and understanding of SOGIESC, to promote a more inclusive and accepting society for SOGIESC individuals, and to provide opportunities for LGBTQ individuals to tell their stories and share their experiences and to give journalists and reporters with the tools, knowledge, and resources to report on SOGIESC issues positively and accurately.  

Our activities 

1. Production of media and films:

We will produce various media content, including short films, podcasts, and articles, to raise awareness about SOGIESC issues. These media productions will highlight the experiences and challenges faced by SOGIESC individuals and promote the importance of inclusivity in society. 

2. Social media campaign:

We will conduct social media campaigns to promote SOGIESC awareness and inclusion. This campaign will include hashtags, photos, photos and PSA competitions, infographics, and videos to share stories and raise awareness about SOGIESC rights and issues, mental health, and LGBTQ-related health awareness. 

3. Public film screening and film festival:

We organize public film screenings featuring fiction films and documentaries highlighting LGBTQ and SOGIESC issues and experiences. We will also contain a film festival celebrating LGBTIQ stories, voices, and experiences to promote inclusivity and diversity.  

4. SOGIESC inclusion with media journalists and reporters:

We organize SOGIESC awareness and resources for journalists and reporters to report on SOGIESC issues positively and accurately. Through SOGIESC inclusion training, we aim to build trust and promote positive reporting for SOGIESC groups.  

Our Media and Communications Program is essential to promoting a more inclusive society and raising awareness about SOGIESC issues. Using various media platforms, we aim to reach a broad audience and positively impact individuals and communities.  

Communications and Media work aims to contribute to building more accepting and inclusive communities where SOGIESC individuals are celebrated, accepted, and valued.

Photo Caption: Public Film Screening organized by the LinQ Foundation at Tha Phae Gate, Chiang Mai on the Pride Month Event in May 2023